SMS marketing is an outstanding field for businesses. It’s cheap  and it’s easy to track return on investment. Today is an ever so quickly evolving world, especially in the technology world. Just a decade ago, we had cell phones as big as laptops and god forbid you stepped inside of a building or your signal was gone.

SMS marketing is direct and personal. SMS marketing isn’t always great at converting absolutely new, cold customers who know nothing about your product or your brand (neither is email). But SMS is devastatingly effective when used on warm leads, or especially when used to drive repeat business. The issue of trust is the great advantage that lies at the heart of SMS marketing. Because people are reluctant to give out their numbers, few businesses have those numbers, and so fewer marketing texts are sent compared with SMS from other companies5.  Social networking sites remain one of the most used of the internet and the majority. People are  using a cell phone or a handheld device to check the weather, their e-mail, shop, check their messages and so on. This can be highly beneficial to small businesses to invest into hiring a consultant to do all of your text messaging market and I’ll give you a break down of reasons as to why you should get into the digital world of marketing.

There’s a reason most people don’t get as many marketing texts as they get marketing emails. They see their phone numbers as more personal and more valuable than their email addresses, so they are more careful about whom they trust with their number compared with their email address. Once you’ve gotten the mobile numbers, you need to make sure customers remain happy with your marketing. If a customer asks you to stop sending messages, in most countries the order  requires that you do indeed stop.